Why Homegrown Broccoli is the Best

Time constraint is one of the things discouraging people from growing their own vegetables – broccoli included. But growing your own instead of buying from supermarkets has benefits that far outweigh the disadvantages.

To taste great, broccoli has to be properly cared for and must also be picked at the right time. If you just buy broccoli at the green grocer’s, the broccoli may look great but the taste may not be up to par.

How so? They may have been picked before becoming fully-mature. Or they may have been picked at the right time but has been stored too long – that means they should be used immediately lest they rot.

Growing your own will allow you control over how the broccoli is cared for – and when it is harvested – to achieve high quality taste.

With homegrown broccoli, you can also be sure how it has been grown: organic or not. You know exactly where it has come from, what you used to grow and protect it, unlike those sold in supermarkets and even in farmer’s markets.

Aside from that, growing your own broccoli can be a good physical exercise. Tilling the soil outside and caring for vegetables such as broccoli can help keep you fit and psychologically calm.

You will also most likely eat the recommended five portions of vegetables per day because they’re just there in your garden, ready to be picked. No need to hurry off to the supermarket to buy which inadvertently lead us to it’s one other advantage: it also saves you money.

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