Who was the Famous Person Who Didn’t Like Broccoli?

Not all people like the taste of vegetables. Most children –and some adults – have an aversion to it, particularly broccoli. George Bush did not hide his dislike for this vegetable.

In fact, the former president of the United States was even quoted to have said in 1992: “”Now, I’m President of the United States and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli.”

In a way, Bush helped promote eating this nutritious vegetable despite the taste. That same year, a study made by John Hopkins University confirmed and announced that broccoli has properties that can prevent and fight off cancer.

Sulforaphane, the enzyme that is said to be broccoli’s anti-cancer agent, is found in broccoli, provided it has not been overcooked. Aside from that, this vegetable is also rich in Vitamins C, folate and other minerals and vitamins. It is also low in calories with just 32 calories in a serving of 100 grams.

Today, broccoli is one of the best-selling vegetable in the United States.