When to Plant Broccoli Seeds

Growing broccoli successfully entails a little research and a lot of hard work. You can’t just rush off to the nearest store, buy seedlings or a packet of seeds and start growing them. It’s important to know when to sow seeds because different broccoli cultivars grow at different times.

A cool weather crop, broccoli grows best in during the spring and fall season. If you plant broccoli in the summer, your crop will likely bolt or produce seeds quickly.

When to sow seeds would depend on the type of broccoli you want to plant. It is also dependent on the last expected frost date in your area.

Once you have determined your last frost date, you would see information on how many weeks ahead you should start sowing the seeds. This should give you a planting schedule. You would be able to find instructions directly on the seed package.

If you live in an area with a cold climate, you can start ahead of time and sow your seeds about six weeks before your last frost date. If you live in an area with a warmer climate, you may directly seed the broccoli in the spring until the early part of summer.

You can also plant late in the summer so you can harvest in the fall. Areas with mild winters will allow you to have broccoli in the spring.

Arcadia F1 for instance, a calabrese variety is usually sown from early May. Harvest can be expected after about two to three months. Broccoli Raab must be sown three weeks before your last frost date.

The early sprouting variety is sown in the middle of April and matures in mid-March. The late white sprouting on the other hand is sown early in May. Harvest can be expected as early as April and thereafter as this variety is very productive.

Set out your seedlings when they reach four weeks to allow them time to get established. If you wait too long before you transplant them, they will likely be stressed and bolt, if not right away, then later on.

Broccoli must mature during the cool times of the year. So generally, sowing must be done in February if you live in the Southern Hemisphere and in August if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is very important to know the sowing date for the specific broccoli variety you want to grow. Your local plant shop and local county extension office should also be able to give you specific information and instructions.