What Sort of Broccoli Should I Grow?

A vegetable that is not just very healthy but pretty to look at, broccoli is one of the favorites of home gardeners. But with the many varieties of broccoli now available, it can be confusing to decide which sort of broccoli to grow.

Broccoli has two main types – over-wintering and single-season. Over-wintering, sometimes called spring broccoli, are planted in the fall and harvested early in the spring. This type of broccoli has been developed primarily so we can have broccoli first thing after the winter season is over.

Single-season broccoli can be subdivided into two subtypes – one produces a main head and several side shoots and the other produces a smaller main head that continues to produce considerable-sized side shoots after the main head as been harvested. This subtype is also called “sprouting broccoli.”

It is important to know the specific variety you want to plant and how and when it should be planted. This way, you don’t unintentionally plant the wrong variety during the wrong season lest you end up with poor harvest or worse, no harvest at all.

What could be the best variety to grow in your own home garden?

There are several varieties to choose from some of which perform best in slightly warmer climates. Some are also disease-resistant which makes it a lot easier to handle especially for amateur gardeners.

The Green Comet Hybrid is one of those disease-resistant broccoli varieties. They can also resist heat and can be harvested in 55 days. The head it produces range from six to seven inches.

Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Romanesco Broccoli

The Green Goliath produces as heavy as five pounds per broccoli plant. It can also tolerate extreme weather conditions. It produces main heads which can be harvested in 54 days and side shoots as well.