Tips for Successful Broccoli Growing


Growing broccoli is simple so long as you know what makes this vegetable “tick” so to speak. Here are a few guidelines you should follow in order to achieve a successful broccoli growing and harvest.

Before buying broccoli seeds, do a little research to find out which specific variety you want to grow. Remember, each cultivar has specific planting and harvesting times. Planting the wrong variety at the wrong time will only lead to little harvest – or worse, no harvest at all.

If you want to start off with seedlings instead of sowing your own seeds, make sure they are not over mature. Seedlings past their prime have lower chances of recovering from being transplanted. Never choose pale, withered or leggy seedlings.

In case you do sow your own seeds, don’t wait too long before transferring them outdoors. Wanting to protect them too much is harmful for your crops. They have to be planted out to give them time to adjust to the cold weather. Otherwise, this is one way of stressing them and making them bolt and go to seed early.

When you transplant seedlings in their final growing position, try not to disturb their roots as much as possible. To do this, keep most of the original soil in their roots and dig a hole big enough to accommodate it.

Never let the soil grow dry. Keep the soil moist at all times but do not overwater as too much water is also bad for your broccoli crops. It’s also better to water them in the morning instead of during the afternoons. This way, their foliage will be dry before the night sets in, discouraging the growth of diseases.

It’s better to wait until your crops are just beginning to grow heads before attempting to add nitrogen fertilizer to the soil. This would encourage the head to be big. If you add nitrogen fertilizer early, your crops would likely produce too many leaves but smaller heads.

If you want to grow larger baby heads after you have harvested the main head, cut the main head way down the stem so that only a few leaf nodes or axils will be left.