The Broccoli Variety Popular Among Gardeners and Cooks

You’d think there is only one kind of broccoli, the green kind. What you might not know is, there are so many broccoli varieties. Each has its own unique look and taste. But quite a few cultivars caught the fancy of gardeners and chefs.

What broccoli types are these?

Today, home cooks and even professional chefs are innovating ways to cook delicious but healthy dishes. One broccoli variety that’s starting to become popular among them is broccoli rabe.

Also called, rapini, raab and sometimes turnip broccoli, broccoli rabe has bright green leaves and beautiful single florets. It has a crispy texture and a mild taste that can complement any dish.

It is a very versatile broccoli variety as it can be steamed, stir-fried, sautéed. It can be mixed with other vegetables and meats, but since it is not bitter like other broccoli cultivars, it can be cooked and served on its own.

Aside from its pleasant taste, broccoli rabe is also very nutritious and widely available.

Another broccoli variety favorite, this time, not just with chefs but also among home gardeners, is the purple sprouting broccoli.

This sweet and delicate-tasting broccoli type is not just pleasant to the taste buds but also serves as a beautiful decorative plant. You can see them standing proudly in balconies and backyards. They are hardy which makes them easy to handle for the amateur gardener.

Moreover, purple sprouting is a “cut and come again” crop. This means, the more you harvest, the more it will produce delicious heads. Home gardeners love to have this type of broccoli in their garden because they require little attention.

Chefs and home cooks also love the taste of purple sprouting. It’s taste can be ranked along with asparagus and artichokes. Like broccoli rabe, purple sprouting is also flexible and a delight in stir-fries, as a side dish, in salads and many more.