Starting the Seeds Off in a Seed Tray

Broccoli is a healthy and delicious vegetable which can be grown by sowing seeds or buying transplants. It can also be directly sown in containers indoors, a seed bed outside or started off in cell trays.

To start off seeds in a seed tray, you can use any size of cell tray. You will also need some seedless potting mix, all-purpose fertilizer, and mature compost.

About eight weeks before planting your broccoli, begin by filling your cell tray with potting soil. You may also use seed raising mix.

Sow approximately three seeds in each cell at a depth of half an inch. You can thin the seedlings later one and leave only the strongest to grow. You may also opt to sow only one seed per cell.

Sow seeds until all the cells in the tray had been filled. Remember to moisten the soil enough before covering the tray with plastic or propagator lid.

Place the tray in a warm but shaded spot like the top of the refrigerator to help the germination process. Make sure to keep the soil moist at all times.

Placed in a location with enough humidity, seedlings can emerge in as early as five days. When you notice the seedlings begin to emerge, you can remove the plastic covering and place the tray in a sunnier location.