How to Plant Broccoli Seeds in a Seedbed

Growing broccoli from seeds is better than using transplants because it’s cheaper and you can grow even the rarest broccoli cultivar. You can also start off by using cell trays or seeding them directly outdoors into seedbeds.

Of course, it’s imperative to prepare the soil before even attempting to plant. After choosing the most appropriate location, tilling the soil and adding compost, it’s now time to sow the seeds.

Make short nursery rows that are about six inches apart and the seeds sown thinly – about half an inch deep. Cover the seeds with fine soil. The fine soil will allow the seedlings to emerge with no trouble. Water the seeds well.

Make sure to sprinkle slug pellets along the rows and protect the area with a wire mesh. This would prevent birds from pecking at the seedlings.

After the seedlings emerge and they have grown to about an inch and a half, start thinning them out to avoid the plants from becoming weak. The space between each broccoli seedling must be three inches.

You may transplant the seedlings to their final growing position when they have reached a height of three inches. To transplant, make sure to water the seed bed first a day before lifting the plants out.

Plant the broccoli crops to a depth of an inch and a half to two inches. Space in between plants should be around 12 to 18 inches so they can grow properly. Firm up the soil around the base of each broccoli crop.