How Long Does Broccoli Take to Grow?

They say time is too short for those who need and too long for those who wait. The same goes when you’re waiting for broccoli to grow and produce heads – the wait for harvest time seems eternal. Does it really take forever for broccoli to grow?

Of course not. Generally, it takes about 60 days or eight weeks for broccoli to grow from seed until harvest time. However, different broccoli cultivars have slightly different in maturity dates.

One of the quickest broccoli varieties to mature, the Early Dividend Broccoli, usually takes only 45 to 50 days to mature. Compared to most cultivars, it produces a higher yield when grown using direct seeding or transplants.

Another quick to mature is the Early Purple Sprouting broccoli. Not only can it can be harvested in as early as 30 days, it is also hardy and very productive.

The Premium Cop broccoli’s growth is average – about 50 days from sowing to harvest. However, what makes this variety special is, it can hold its quality longer than the other cultivars.

Arcadia broccoli takes approximately 69 days to mature from transplant — a bit slow compared to the others – but it produces heads that are finely beaded. They are also tolerant to some diseases such as black rot and can withstand frost.

Broccoli started off from seeds usually take 11 to as long as 20 weeks to grow and mature; those started off with seedlings would take from eight to twelve weeks to reach harvest time.


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  1. j.f.andrews says:

    growing purple sprouting been in from seed for about ten weeks still no sign of heads forming should we leave them longer they are about three foot high at the moment thankyou j.andrews