General Health Benefits of Eating Broccoli

It has become the standard to eat food based on its taste. We like food that pleases our taste buds and ignore those that don’t – not even when it can do a lot of good for our body, like broccoli.

A lot of people avoid eating this vegetable as its taste isn’t like, say, mashed potatoes. But broccoli can be a delicious vegetable when prepared well. It’s a great addition to a lot of delicious dishes and soups – and not only that, it has numerous vitamins and minerals that can give your health a world of good.

Strengthens the Heart

Research shows that eating broccoli protects the heart and strengthens it. How? Broccoli is believed to raise the levels of this protein called thioredoxin in the body which makes it resistant to damage.

Strengthens the Stomach

What could be better than getting relief, prevention and cure from synthetic stuff? Broccoli – it can naturally remove bacteria in the stomach that typically takes antibiotics to destroy.

Helicobacter Pylori, the bacteria that causes chronic inflammation in the stomach also raises the bars of having ulcer and stomach cancer. Even with antibiotics, it would be difficult to completely remove.

But sulfurophanes, a compound found in broccoli, can effectively fight off his bacteria.

A Natural Detoxifier

When eaten regularly, broccoli can greatly help flush out toxins from the body such as uric acid and free radicals. These toxins, when it accumulates in the body, can lead to so many diseases.

Broccoli can also purify the blood, thus it prevents conditions like rashes, boils, eczema, real calculi among others from happening. Because it purifies the blood, regular consumption of broccoli does wonders for the skin.

Boosts the Immune System

Its taste isn’t like French fries or baked potato, but it sure is chock-full of vitamins and minerals. And because it is such an excellent source of things that are good for our health, eating it boosts our immune system making us better equipped in fighting sickness.

Now you know why our mothers forced us to eat broccoli.

An oxygen-deprivation test conducted in rats showed they become more resistant to damage after being fed broccoli before the injury. The test is similar to what humans experience when they suffer a heart attack.


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  1. garry twells says:

    hi.last year my brother had a triple hart bypass.i read that broccoli makes your hart strong. so as an ex-bodybuilder i would give broccoli as im my brothers his cholestral was only 2.4 the surgen told me that i had done a great job.i tell all my friends to eat it.