Does Broccoli Fight Cancer?

In this day and age, it seems so easy to get medications for almost any type of disease or illness – except cancer. Until now, a cure has yet to be invented and doctors can only advise to fight it by eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Including broccoli in our diet can very well help our bodies fight off this scary illness. Researchers believe that this cruciferous vegetable has natural anti-carcinogenic properties that can prevent breast, prostate, uterine, liver, lung, kidney and other types of cancer.

What makes broccoli have this anti-cancer effect?

Broccoli contains phyto-nutrients like sulforaphane and indoles which help deactivate an estrogen that promotes the growth of tumors. Indole 3-carbinol not only suppresses the growth of tumors, but also cancer-cell metastasis or the movement of cancer cells in other parts of the body.

On the other hand sulforaphane helps enzymes to rid the toxins in the body and clear out carcinogenic substances right away.

Lab animals given sulforaphane had fewer tumors compared to those that don’t. Their tumors also grow significantly slower and weigh less, too.

Another study demonstrated this naturally-occurring chemical to induce cell growth arrest and higher apoptosis, a system where the body uses a self-destruct sequence to get rid of abnormal cells (programmed cell death). All these prove that there is a strong link between cancer and the things we eat.

New research also discovered that when brassica vegetables like broccoli are chewed or digested, a compound called sinigrin is mixed the enzyme myrosinase which results to the release of breakdown products like glucose and isothiocyanates.

Isothiocyanates detoxify carcinogens, inhibits cell division and encourage programmed cell death.

People who usually have brassica vegetables on the table were discovered to have 29 percent lower risk of having bladder cancer and 25 percent decreased risk of ovarian cancer.

There may not be a sure-way cure for cancer yet, but having broccoli in your diet can make you worry less about having the Big C. To maximize the cancer-preventing compounds in this vegetable, cut the florets, let it sit for at five minutes to allow the compounds to form and cook the broccoli lightly.