Broccoli Growing Tips and Care

All crops – broccoli included – need some tender loving care so they can grow excellently. Here are some tips on how to care for your broccoli crops. Following this easy guide and you will surely move towards a successful and prosperous harvest!

  • Some amateur gardeners complain that their broccoli plants flowers too soon. One major cause why this happens is stress. What are the instances when this vegetable gets stressed?
  • When they are transplanted during the heat of the midday sun and when their roots are disturbed, broccoli plants gets stressed. Remember that this vegetable is a cool-weather crop with a shallow root system. Exposing them to things they do not like would make them “think” they would die soon so they produce flowers before it’s already too late.
  • Broccoli is a heavy feeder. They thrive in soils with a high nitrogen-content. However, wait until your crops are just beginning to produce heads before feeding the soil more nitrogen fertilizer. If you do, your broccoli will produce hollow stems and a lot of leaves but small heads.
  • To ensure your crops will get sufficient nutrients from the soil, you can apply a pound or two of all-purpose fertilizer. Side dress with ammonium sulphate approximately three weeks after sowing the seeds and after your first harvest to encourage side shoot growth.
  • Put mulch on the soil to keep the soil cool and control weed growth.
  • Water your broccoli crops regularly but most especially, during dry spells. Remember to moisten the soil at a depth of six inches but do not to overwater as this can harm your crops. It will also be best to water them in the morning so the leaves can dry before sundown and lower the chance of your crops getting diseases.
  • For faster growth and development, protect your broccoli with season extenders.