Broccoli and The Fight Against Diabetes

If you are among the 24 million Americans suffering from diabetes, then you must know this very important fact – broccoli can help shield you from the damage caused by diabetes.

And it isn’t just your intake of sweets that this disease damages, diabetes is known to complicate several other things. Kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, among other vascular functions are also known to have resulted from the complication due to diabetes.

But the results of new studies prove favorable to diabetics this time. Broccoli is said to protect blood vessels which lowers the risk of heart diseases and counteract the levels of free radicals in the body – something that’s common to people with high blood sugar.

Sulforaphane is what makes broccoli such a help to diabetics. It’s an indirect antioxidant which can be found in most cruciferous vegetables.

In the study, sulforaphane was administered to blood vessels incubated with sugar – a condition similar to that of diabetics. The antioxidant was found to reduce the production of molecules that can potentially damage these blood vessels.

Sulforaphane also lowered the production of free radicals in the body by as much as 73 percent. It triggered a biochemical chain reaction which activated a detoxifying process which in turn protects the body from oxidative stress.

For a something as simple as eating broccoli, it’s amazing how it can go a long way. Paired with blood sugar control, a healthy lifestyle and proper medication, there is no reason why diabetes should be an unconquerable condition.