Broccoli Against Heart Disease

Here may yet be another reason why you and your kids should eat broccoli: it can strengthen the heart and protect it from damage during oxygen deprivation.

A test conducted by scientists proved that the compounds in broccoli, specifically thioredoxin, could help prevent a heart attack. It gets rid of free radicals and raise antioxidants in the body thereby preventing stroke, high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

The test was conducted in rats, which were fed broccoli extracts for two weeks. At the end of this period, the rats showed better blood pumping ability. Furthermore, when the scientists deprived their hearts of oxygen – which can be compared to a heart attack in humans – the rats displayed less damage to their heart muscles.

The rats also displayed antioxidant defense and a decrease in the inflammation of their heart and kidney. Researchers believe that it was the chemicals in broccoli that did the trick.

Other key nutrients in broccoli include selenium and sulforaphane both of which is said to curb cancer.

Arteries in the body that do not have an active protein called Nrf2, is susceptible to diseases. But Brassica vegetables such as broccoli have the capacity to activate the Nrf2 in these areas and protect it immensely.

If humans would react the same way just as the rats did, we should consume a gram or two of fresh broccoli a day per kilo of body weight to achieve the same effect – that’s about two to four ounces of broccoli for a person weighing 70 kilos.

Hopefully, the same test repeated this time in human subjects would prove successful as well.